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                                                 Chloe Laurice

Age: Seventeen

House: Hufflepuff

Patronus: Panther

Boggart: Jack dying 

School: Hoggiewarts


Chloe is a quiet girl who hates yelling. She is passive aggressive in nature, and has learned to be kind to everyone. If she has a problem with someone she won’t show it until she can’t take it. The girl is haunted with a past no one likes to hear. When some one is able to get close to her she becomes truly sweet, and soft hearted . Her exterior is tough but only to keep others away.

The witch is horrid at jokes but lovely as speech. She won’t tell you much about her, and her trust is limited. Give the girl a book, or poetry she will talk, if you compliment her frequently she will run away. Brutal honesty is the only way to get through to her. Anything else she will hate you for. Chloe is a mousy personality type intelligent and clever, yet has no idea how to truly interact with people. If you give her a cauldron cake she will awkwardly hug you. 


Chloe Laurice was born to a French Ministry worker John Laurice, and to a British woman Lucinda Laurice (nee’ Morrison.) When she was nothing but a little girl with her bright hazel eyes she was abused by her father. He would get angry and explode on the poor girl. She learned to take the pain and stay quiet. Just her mere presence was horrendous. The sad thing is, John would blame all of this on her older brother. His name was Jaque , but everyone called him Jack. 

When she was Eight years old it got worse. Jack had to leave for school in France and Chloe was all alone. Jack was her life line, and protecter . The girl stayed hidden in her room, or ran to nature. The family was wealthy but it meant nothing to her.  Her mother Lucinda could do nothing, for Chloe just lied and said she fell or bumped into something. Everyone thought she was just clumsy. This lasted until she finally got to leave home and go to Beauxbatons Academy. She opened up a bit and made one friend. Marie Boisvert.  They were inseparable, and did everything together. 

When Chloe was Sixteen her Father was fired for fraud within the ministry, he was arrested and sent to the french prison. With him safely behind bars Chloe was finally able to tell her mother the truth. Chloe would stay at Marie’s and never went home, she didn’t realize her father was abusing her mother as well sexually and physically.  Her mother had fled to England, and was happy with John behind bars. Lucinda begged for her daughter to join her, and not stay with her grandparents on the father’s side. Jack had moved to England for a job and she saw the desperation of her mother she reluctantly agreed. 

Chloe then moved to England. This is where Hogwarts came in. At this point Chloe was a seventh year and got placed a Hufflepuff. She knew the Delacour-Weasley family, since Lucinda was friends with Fleur back in school. Because of this Louis was always like a cousin to her, who she talked to from time to time. Chloe and Louis became even closer as she found out they would be attending the same school. The worst part of all was losing Marie. Marie was the only person to know the truth, and she was like a sister.  

Chloe changed drastically changed. She wears leather, and smokes and luckily for everyone the witched stopped getting high. The girl doesn’t know how to deal with love, or trusting people. The only people she allowed in her life was her brother and Louis. Now though she is at Hogwarts and with the plea’s of her mother she now has to at least try and make a friend. Even just a colleague. Merlin Chloe will do anything for her mother. 

Note From Muggle:

  • You can call me Dot, or Dory.
  • I will plot with whomever wishes to
  • I understand different countries , but try and use correct grammar
  • This character is both serious and fun
  • People call me spazzy, and I like to talk to EVERYONE
  • Multi-friendship
  • Multi-Romance [Looking for single]